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How to get followers on Instagram

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To expand the scope of your business you cannot leave aside the investment in social networks. Instagram is one of the main ones and it cannot be missing in your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, knowing how to get followers on Instagram is important for your company to buy instagram comments fast.

To get an idea of ​​the importance of this social network, Instagram exceeded the 400 million user mark in September 2015, with more than 80 million photos shared daily.


When developing a strategy to increase the reach in social networks, companies that “sell” likes “should be avoided. You can get followers on Instagram in other ways.

Remember that this social network is penalizing users and eliminating false accounts, those that are used only to inflate the numbers of brands. By the end of 2014, Instagram eliminated millions of fake accounts and ghosts, which artificially increased the number of celebrity and celebrity followers.

At that time, the company reported the elimination of deactivated accounts and the violation of community terms. “These terms include repetitive comments, manipulation of the service to promote, commercial spam in the comments and discount codes or URLs for websites,” the social network reported.

Besides running the risk of spending money unnecessarily with fake fans, buying followers has another disadvantage: as they do not really exist, they never interact with your brand, making your profile unimportant.

How to get followers on Instagram

To get followers on Instagram without cheating and those they like your photos, make comments and really know your business, it is important to follow some basic tips:

  1. Talk to your followers

Discover who the followers are that they like and comment on your photos and videos. Get in touch and talk to them. It does not help to learn how to get followers on Instagram if you do not communicate with them and do not achieve their loyalty.

  1. Answer the comments

Respond to your fans’ comments and monitor their hashtags and the photos they share. Always seek to be useful, so that followers feel connected and respected by your brand.

  1. Promote ads

The best way to get followers on Instagram is with an ad on the network itself to reach people who do not follow you, but who may have an interest in your brand.

If you have any questions, suggestions or advice on this subject, leave a comment and collaborate with the exchange of ideas. Take the opportunity to share this content with your friends, colleagues and collaborators in social networks.