Permanently get more Instagram followers? Do it!

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Post regularly

Prepare a plan, when to post what kind of photos. So you do not get stressful situations if you have not posted or prepared a photo yet. Depending on the theme of your buy instagram followers, your users will be online at different times.

In a business profile, you can see in the statistics when your followers are online.

Another tip to get more Instagram followers is to post regularly. At the beginning, I posted 2-3 posts per day on Instagram – these were mainly quotes that I later deleted.

Here you can see again how many quotes I published on Instagram. I recommend that you do not post more than 3 posts per day. You do not want to scare your followers on Instagram.

And if you decide now for 1, 2 or 3 posts, then stick to it. Instagram’s algorithm will also notice that you regularly post posts, giving Instagram a reason to appear in the top posts.

This is important because the Instagram algorithm wants people to stay on Instagram for a long time. And if you post more often, people will see more content, stay longer on Instagram, and Instagram can play more ads and earn more money. Logically right? You will not succeed on Instagram if you only publish a picture from time to time.


Other Instagram users will be notified when you post something new. Then they like and comment on it, and as a result, Instagram followers can see from that person that they have liked your picture (and then follow it in the best case). As you can see, regularly posting new content on Instagram is extremely important to getting more followers.

Create a business profile on Instagram

Convert your Instagram profile into a business profile, ie an Instagram Business Account.

Know your stats on Instagram

Because it gives you access to Instagram stats about your channel, so you have access to the legacy structure of your followers, and you know that, and that brings us to Item 19,

Publish your posts at fixed times

Depending on the theme of your Instagram profile, your users will be online at different times.

In a business profile, you can see in the statistics when your followers are online. This will tell you the correct time to post your Instagram posts. That decides how many likes and comments you get on your posts.

For example, if you post whenever your target audience is not online, you will not be able to get Instagram followers (or just a few) – logically, or? First, find out when you have the most interactions on your posts. You’re probably wondering how to do that. Very easily. Post several pictures a day. That’s how I did it in the beginning.

I’ve posted 3 pictures a day on Instagram (I’ve deleted many of the pictures in the meantime) and figured out when the best time to post on Instagram was.

This will make it easier to get buy real instagram followers. The best time for my Instagram followers and me is between 6pm and 9pm (as you can see in the graph). Of course, that can be completely different for you.

Respond to posts and comments

The more comments you have among your posts, the better for you. It will help you build a relationship with your most active followers, and Instagram’s increased activity will show that your profile is relevant and more people will see your Instagram profile. Ultimately, you’ll be able to get more Instagram followers.