Feng Shui English – Geomancy in Plain English

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Feng Shui is the practice of bringing harmony and peace into your life by the way you arrange furniture and other items in your house, office and any other space you are in. Feng Shui is pronounced as “Fung Shway” and has been used since ancient times as a way of helping people live better lives by bringing them harmony and balance.

By having furniture and other things a certain way in your personal space you will be able to let the Chi (positive energy) flow naturally. But what does Chi and Feng Shui English mean?

When the Chi flows naturally in your home and other places, you will notice that your life has better quality to it and things seem to run smoother. It is thought that in order to maintain good Chi flow in the world, certain places that are not meant for human inhabitants should be left alone and in their natural state. You can find tons of books, magazines, websites and even television shows that help you learn how to Feng Shui your own space.

There are many things involved in Feng Shui, not just moving furniture and using colors of the elements. Feng Shui has to do with everything in your life, which way you face to work and even things like where you want to be buried can be and are affected by Feng Shui. For many people Feng Shui just means feeling comfortable in your own space so little things can help improve the Chi flow in you home, office and even the car. It’s a wonder how anyone can live life without using Feng Shui.

Ever hear the saying, “Life is what you make it”? Well in the Feng Shui world this is true. By using elements, objects and placement techniques you can enhance all the areas of your life that you need to and tone down the areas that seem to be over taking everything else.

The best thing is, you do not have to believe in Feng Shui wofs daily horoscope for it to work for you and the people in your general area, and it works regardless. All the elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal, have certain corresponding colors that also correspond with certain areas of your life.

By using the right colors and elements in the right areas and not having certain things like

TVs and mirrors in the bedroom can help anyone live a better life and sleep better at night. The ancient Chinese believed that bad Feng Shui could even make you fall ill and end up with all kinds of ailments.

Bad Feng Shui can also cause you to have a chaotic life instead of having things run smoothly like they should. Feng Shui is hence believed to have more of an effect on your everyday life than you can possibly imagine.

Life can seem so much better with all the good energy floating around in the air. If you are still skeptical, you should really do more research in to the subject. I guarantee that if you just try this practice you will be living a better life than you know it. Traditional Feng Shui text are in Chinese but with more people becoming interested in this ancient art, more Feng Shui knowledge has been translated into the English language so it is much easier today to get Feng Shui ideas and tips.